Accountability Board Meetings

Meetings of the Accountability Board began in 2022:


10th February 2022

Item 1

Welcome and Introductions

Item 2


Item 3

Declaration of Interests

item 4

Note of the last meeting

Item 5

Matters arising

Item 6

Action Tracker Updates

Item 7

Current and Significant Issues

Item 8

Date of the next meeting - 7th of June 2022

Item 9

Exclusion of Press and Public
The Board is asked to consider whether,
under Section 100A(4) of the Local
Government Act, 1972, it considers that the
press and public should be excluded from
the meeting during consideration of the
following items of business on the grounds
that there would be a likely disclosure of
exempt information as defined in the
appropriate paragraphs of Part I of
Schedule 12A to the Act, as amended, or
that they are otherwise operationally
sensitive or would attract Page 2 Item Page an exemption under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

Item 10

*Private and Confidential*

Delivery Plan (progress against PCP to include performance)

Item 11

*Private and Confidential*

Inspections, Audits and Reviews

Item 12

*Private and Confidential*

Constabulary Risk Register

Item 13

*Private and Confidential*

Finance – Draft Capital programme 2022/23

Item 14

*Private and Confidential*

Current and Significant Issues

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