Lancashire Criminal Justice Board

Lancashire Criminal Justice Board

The Lancashire Criminal Justice Board (LCJB) brings together key partners and senior representatives of the organisations responsible for delivering criminal justice services in Lancashire. Its membership shares a common purpose, specific aims and accountability – it recognises that by working together partners can ensure a better shared understanding and so establish a more efficient and effective delivery of the criminal justice system in Lancashire.


  • To provide strong and effective support for victims and witnesses of crime.
  • To bring offenders to justice and successfully advance their rehabilitation.
  • To reduce offending and reoffending.
  • To promote joint working to reduce the number of people entering the criminal justice system.
  • To identify vulnerable persons (victims, witnesses and offenders) throughout the criminal justice system, ensuring their specific needs are met.
  • To improve trust and confidence in the criminal justice system across communities in Lancashire.


The following organisations are represented on the LCJB through its members:

The Crown Prosecution Service – Northwest

His Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals Service

His Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service

Preston Prison

Probation Service

Lancashire Constabulary

Lancashire Victim Services

Legal Aid Agency

Lancashire Police and Crime Commissioner

NHS England

Youth Justice Services: Northwest

Youth Justice Board for England and Wales

Criminal Justice – Gov.UK Dashboard

Government data from across LCJB, including timelines, victim engagement and quality of justice is now publicly available

Data on this page is displayed at a national level by default. You can use the page data options to select data for Lancashire Criminal Justice Board.

For a more detailed view of the data, and to see additional measures in each area, you can choose the priority area that you are interested in.

Criminal justice system overview – CJS Dashboard

See more about the Criminal Justice board here.

Report to Court

The circumstances of each crime are unique, and so is the journey each victim takes once an investigation is conducted by the police. The main point of contact will always be the Officer in the Case, however, you may be contacted by other departments, services or agencies who can provide additional information and offer support.

This guide is to introduce you to some of the organisations who may be in touch, and give an overview of the possible different stages in your journey.

Anti-Social Behaviour Survey