The Police and Crime Plan

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The Police and Crime Plan
2016 – 2021

My new Police and Crime Plan outlines my priorities for Lancashire Constabulary over the coming years.

This is the Police and Crime Plan for my second term of office. It will cover the period 2016 to 2021 and I will review it annually, publishing an annual report on progress against the plan.

This is a living document and sets the strategic direction for crime-related and policing services across Lancashire, including the response to regional and national threats.

It also includes information on the financial resources available to me both from central government and local council tax precept along with any grant funding and how that will be allocated.

View the online version of the Police and Crime Plan
Download the pdf version of the new Police and Crime Plan

Police and Crime Plan 2013 – 2018

Access the previous Police and Crime Plan.

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