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About My Role

As your Police and Crime Commissioner it is my job to ensure that the policing needs of Lancashire communities are met as effectively as possible. I aim to bring communities closer to the police, build confidence in the system and restore trust.

I want to use my role to give the public a voice at the highest level, and give you, the people of Lancashire, the ability to ensure that the police are accountable.

I aim to be your voice in the fight against crime by representing you and your concerns when it comes to the needs of your community. Find out more about my role.

Clive Grunshaw - Police and Crime Commissioner for Lancashire

Achievements so far

In November 2015 I marked three years in post as Police and Crime Commissioner for Lancashire and I am proud of the work and achievements during my time in office.

  • I continually consult with the people of Lancashire through roadshows, events, online and telephone surveys to ensure your views and priorities are reflected in my Police and Crime Plan.
  • Overall crime in Lancashire has fallen over the past three years.
  • I have worked closely with the Chief Constable to manage the force through periods of change including the changing nature of crime and major cuts to budgets.
  • I set up the successful Cut the Cuts Campaign to fight against further government funding cuts which led to the Police Funding Formula Review being halted.
  • I successfully lobbied Lancashire’s MPs  to get behind my campaign to stop changes to the Police Funding Formula.
  • I have ensured that neighbourhood policing teams are still part of the policing structure in Lancashire.
  • I have ensured that illegal earnings are seized and put money back into communities through my Proceeds of Crime Act Grants.
  • Lancashire Constabulary has received successive outstanding and good inspections from HMIC.
  • Working with Lancashire Constabulary I have helped secure extra funding for our area through successful bids to the Police Innovation Fund.
  • Working with partners, I have set up Lancashire Victim Services to provide support to victims and witnesses of crime across Lancashire.
  • Through my Community Action Fund I have provided funding to numerous projects and organisations to help tackle crime and antisocial behaviour in communities across Lancashire.
  • I have lobbied against changes to legislation such as taxi deregulation.



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