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Andrew Snowden and Officers

Budget 2022/23

Recruitment of 238 additional officers, new dedicated rape and serious sexual offences team, investment in digital and cyber capabilities, fleet and estate




2021/22 Budget requirement328.398
Add: Uplift9.900
Add: Cost Pressures10.600
Add: Investment7.035
Less: Savings-7.655
Less: Additional specific grant funding-10.035
2022/23 Net Budget requirement338.243
EXPENDITURE AND INCOME2021/222022/232022/23
£m£m£ per head
Gross Revenue Expenditure339.85361.94238.83
Less: Income-20.46-23.70-15.64
Net Budget requirement319.39338.24223.19
Less: Central Government funding-219.54-230.77-152.27
Collection Fund -surplus/+deficit0.41-1.13-0.74
Council Tax Requirement100.26106.3570.18
Band D equivalent (£)226.45236.45
Lancashire population1,515,487
(Mid-year 2020)
Mid-year population figure
Council taxbase449777.97
 Sources of funding £m %
 Government grant                230.92469.81%
 Council tax                  99.84830.19%

Budget response from the Police and Crime Panel

Police and Crime Panel Meeting – agenda and minutes

My Priorities

Getting Tough on Anti-Social Behaviour

  • Police front counters open to the public at the heart of every borough area.
  • A dedicated new problem solving anti-social behaviour unit.
  • More funds for the use of civil powers including anti-social behaviour injunctions.
  • New Safer Lancashire Neighbourhoods Fund to help equip communities to take a stand against crime.
  • Dedicated neighbourhood policing teams for every inch of Lancashire, backed up by task forces.

Disrupting and Dismantling Organised Crime

  • Investment in capacity and capability for specialist targeted operations.
  • Work with regional partners to target and disrupt organised crime gangs.
  • Seizing the assets of those who profit from exploitation and criminal activity.




Tackling Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence

  • A dedicated rape and serious sexual assault team.
  • £5million more to support victims of domestic abuse and sexual violence and to deal with perpetrators.
  • Specialist services to support victims.

Cracking down on Burglary and Robbery

  • Increased officer numbers to provide more visible neighbourhood policing.
  • Partnership working to tackle underlying issues such as substance misuse.
  • More proactive rural task forces.

Targeting Dangerous Drivers

  • Complete review of Lancashire’s Road Safety Partnership.
  • Focussing resources to respond to concerns about dangerous driving.
  • £5million for average speed cameras on our most dangerous roads.
Further information

Police and Crime Plan for Lancashire

For full details of the Commissioner’s priorities please take a look at the Police and Crime Plan for Lancashire.


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