10th February 2023

Police Commissioner uses seized cash to deter young people from crime

The Break the Cycle project, which is led by Child Action North West, offers support to young people who receive No Further Action (NFA) in relation to a potential offence they might have been involved in – to address the behaviour and to prevent re-offending.

The aim is to engage with young people, to look at whatever incident led to the police involvement and access help and guidance, that will reduce the risk of future offending or becoming engaged in more serious activity.

Almost 90 young people have seen interventions with 27 of these being directly through CANW during the around 6 months the project has been running.

The project received £10,000 from Mr Snowden’s Safer Lancashire Neighbourhoods Fund, which was established in 2021 during the unveiling of the Commissioner’s Police and Crime Plan. It uses cash seized by criminals through the Proceeds of Crime act to fund community projects that help tackle his five key priorities.

Andrew Snowden, Police and Crime Commissioner for Lancashire said:

“This project really stood out as we too often see when a young person is suspected of an offence but no action will be taken, the lack of engagement and support they can access, which fails to challenge their behaviour and risks allowing it to escalate to more serious offences.

“By intervening at this early stage and using CANW’s expertise, the local policing teams knowledge, alongside the other opportunities for one-to-one and group support, we’re seeing positive changes for individuals. Consequently this also frees up policing resources, makes our communities safer and avoids someone entering the criminal justice system, the financial costs this brings with it, and a potential cycle of reoffending.

“As always, when I fund these type of projects through my Safer Lancashire Neighbourhood Fund, there is always a poetic irony in using cash seized from criminals and giving it back into the community they once exploited, helping fund projects that address the root causes of crimes and stopping them.”

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