11th November 2021

Knife crime education to make a difference in Lancashire

As part of the day, students will hear from police officers and case workers from Nest Lancashire who work with young people affected by violent crime. Pupils will then set out to produce radio adverts to highlight the issue of knife crime and the support available with the adverts to air on Rock FM throughout November.

PCC Andrew Snowden said: “Education plays a key part in tackling and preventing knife crime which is why I am supporting this programme of work.

“It’s important to work with young people in a way that speaks to them and by involving a local radio station and working with young people to share messages in their own voice we can really engage with them.

“My message to anyone considering carrying a knife or any other weapon is simple. Don’t do it. You are so much more likely to become a victim yourself and the potential to cause serious injury is huge, even if you don’t intend to. More than that, carrying an offensive weapon is a serious offence and our officers are out there to take action and deal with offenders robustly.”

Rowan Cleet,  Senior Children and Young Person’s Domestic Abuse Practitioner from Nest Lancashire added: “We work with young people affected by crime every day and we know the impact violent crime has, not just on them but also on their friends and family.

“By sharing some of our experiences and the impact of crime on young people we hope that we can make people think twice about picking up a weapon.

“We are also really keen to share that people can come to us for help if they have witnessed or experienced crime or if they feel threatened to the point where they are considering carrying a knife or weapon themselves.

“We are here to help young people find the best way forward at their own pace and anyone who needs support can contact us via text, the live chat on our website or email.”

Jonathan Breeze Regional Sales Director from Bauer Media said: ”

We are really pleased to be given this opportunity of working with the Crime Commissioner and Nest on this important topic. As part of the project, we are creating a video that will be made available for schools across Lancashire following the event so that the messages can reach as many young people as possible in the county.

Under 18s in Lancashire can contact Nest Lancashire by texting their name and number to 60777, by using the live chat at nestlancashire.org or by emailing info@nestlancashire.org. Support for anyone over 18 is available through Lancashire Victim Services.

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