Joint Audit and Ethics Committee

14th March 2022

Item 1

Apologies for absence

Item 2

Constitutional matters

Item 3

Disclosure of Members' Interests

Item 4

Minutes of the Committee's Meeting held on 13th December 2021

Item 5

Matters arising relating to audit issues

Item 9

JAEC Audit - Draft Workplan 2022/2023

Item 10

Committee Members Reports

Item 11

Urgent Business - None

Item 12

Dates of Future Meetings:

Monday, 13th June 2022
Monday, 12th September 2023
Monday 12th December 2022
Monday, 13th March 2023

Item 13

PART II - HMICFRS Inspection Reports

Item 14

Minutes of the Committee's Meeting held on 13th December 2021 as Item 4 above

Item 15

Matters relating to ethics issues

Item 16

PART II - Key Issues Update

Mr Freeman and Mr Rogers will provide a verbal update

Item 17

Update on the Constabulary's Tactical Ethics Committee

Item 18

Update on the Constabulary's Framework on Violence Against Women & Girls

Item 20

OPCC Ethics Update

Item 21

JAEC Ethics - Draft Workplan 2022/2023

Item 22

Urgent Business


Item 23

PART II - Professional Standards Department Update

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