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Finances and Resources

I worked closely with the Chief Constable and his senior leadership team to understand the operational needs of Lancashire Constabulary for the year ahead and the financial pressures on the Constabulary. Revenue Budget The 2022/23 revenue budget for was set at £338.243m in February 2022. The position at 31 March 2023 is set out here:

Constabulary Budget
Budget (£m)Spend (£m)Variance (£m)Difference (%)
Pay costs266.551264.1552.396-0.90%
ACC Territorial Operations7.2949.1711.87725.73%
ACC Crime3.4163.9470.53115.54%
ACC People and Specialist Uniform Operations5.1685.0840.084-1.62%
Director of Resources29.41229.0570.355-1.21%
Deputy Chief Constable3.5004.5171.0176.00%
Sub total313.227312.8330.393-0.13%
Non-DFM budget15.17412.8362.33815.41%
Total Constabulary Budget328.401325.6692.731-0.83%
Lancashire police - police car
Budget (£m)Spend (£m)Variance (£m)Difference (%)
Office of the PCC1.4891.5440.0553.71%
Fighting Crime0.7400.5960.144-19.46%
Victim and Domestic Abuse services0.5730.5100.063-10.96%
Sub total2.9402.8120.128-4.35%
Total PCC8.2036.9031.300-15.8%
Total Budget319.391319.3910.0000%
What the money is spent on?
Local Policing98.58429.15%
Dealing with the public24.3537.20%
Criminal Justice arrangements18.9895.61%
Road Policing10.5833.13%
Operational Support14.0904.17%
Investigative Support9.4002.78%
National Policing1.8680.55%
Support Functions70.19920.75%
Corporate Costs14.8184.38%
Public Protection28.1258.32%
Pie chart breakdown of police spending for 2022/2023
Funding 2022/2023
Government Grant230.767m68%
Council Tax107.476m32%
Pie chart breakdown of police funding

A total of £15.079m has been spent on capital projects in this year:

Capital Investment
IT Strategy6.973
Vehicle Replacement Programme3.093
Other schemes0.670

The main elements of this spend are:

Capital Investments Breakdown
I.T. Strategy
Network Access and Security£0.697m
Device upgrade and replacement£3.681m
System replacement£2.595m
Critical Policing Infrastructure Programme£1.501m
Skelmersdale Station refurbishment£0.210m
Solar Panel installation£0.303m
Bamber Bridge – ISO accreditation requirement£1.268m
Minor works programme£0.917m
Other Schemes
Replacement of specialist equipment£0.396m
Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) equipment and infrastructure£0.162m
Average speed cameras£0.183m
Regional collaborations£0.119m
Case Study

Lancaster BID – Tackling ASB in Lancaster City Centre

Lancaster Business Improvement District (BID) were given £10,000 to extend the hours of the City’s BID Warden, who patrols the streets, liaises with local business in the City Centre and helps address local concerns such as business crime and anti-social behaviour.

By extending the hours coverage from 37.5 to 52.5 hours a week, the Warden is now able to address the issues that had been identified by talking to businesses and the public, during later hours between 6pm and 9pm.

This has supported local police in providing a way for escalation of issues to be avoided, intelligence gathering and identifying of concerns.

Tony Johnson, Lancaster BID Manager:

“We are extremely grateful to him for picking our project through the Safer Lancashire Neighbourhoods Fund as it has enabled us to have our BID Warden 52.5 hours a week instead of the 37.5 hours.

“We identified last year that a lot of the ASB going on across the city was happening between 1800-2100, this was usually when our warden had finished for the day.

“The extra hours for our warden not only gives our businesses peace of mind, it also acts as a security blanket for the general public as well.”

Uplift Programme

More than 600 additional police officers joined Lancashire Constabulary within the last four years, exceeding the Police Uplift recruitment to recruit 509 additional officers set by the government.

These new recruits take our police officer headcount to 3,587, as at 31st March 2023, who serve the 1.5 million people living in the diverse communities of Lancashire. I am particularly proud that we are the only force to have recruited more female officers and have also increased representation from black and minority ethnicities.

It represents an exciting time for policing in Lancashire as more and more officers gain the knowledge and experience to make a real difference in the fight against crime across the county, with visible, community focused policing making people and the communities they live and work in safer.


The backdrop of inflation, pay, utilities and fuel costs all rising has been challenging for budget setting. 2022/23 has been a difficult time for Lancashire residents and this is also reflected in financing our police service. However, in setting the budget a multimillion-pound programme of efficiency savings will be delivered to protect front line policing and reduce the potential burden on taxpayers.

86% of residents who responded to my budget proposals survey wanted to see Lancashire Constabulary receive more funding. Every penny of the 6.34% rise in council tax precept for 2023/24 – equivalent to 29p a week for a Band D property (19p per week for a Band A property) – will be spent to ensure that frontline policing is protected to tackle crime and antisocial behaviour.

My budget decision will allow Lancashire Constabulary to continue to deliver on your priorities, increase visible policing and invest in critical infrastructure to take the fight to criminals and keep Lancashire safe.

Grant Funding

Safer Lancashire Neighbourhoods Fund Announced as part of my Fighting Crime Plan and officially launched to applicants Spring 2021, the Safer Lancashire Neighbourhoods Fund (SLNF) has been investing into projects that deter and tackle crime, supporting community organisations and partners in making Lancashire safer and allowing Lancashire Constabulary to deliver innovative, new ways of taking the fight to criminals.

The three strands that make up the Safer Lancashire Neighbourhoods Fund are:

  • Community Fund
  • Police Innovation Fund
  • ‘Fighting Crime’

Grants Community

Fund In 2022/23 the Safer Lancashire Neighbourhood Community Fund received 92 applications with 31 organisations being successful totalling £206,862.25.

The aim of the Community Fund is to support smaller organisations and community groups in delivering projects and improvements within their communities, using money that has in part been seized from criminals.

It is estimated the 31 projects funded will directly work with over 13,582 individuals across Lancashire including over 3080 young people and 130 Adults. However, many more people across Lancashire will have been positively impacted both directly and indirectly for example projects that made communities feel safer, improving public confidence.

Police Innovation Fund

Between April 2022 and March 2023, the Police Innovation Fund received 36 applications.

The Commissioner supported 11 initiatives totalling £283,035.69.

Fighting Crime Grant

£141K was provided to Lancashire Constabulary to support five policing operations: Easter Bank Holiday, Jubilee Weekend, August Bank Holiday, Bonfire Weekend and the festive season.

Funding supported an enhanced police presence in the Night Time Economy and enhanced community engagement in neighbourhoods to address ASB.

Overall, the Commissioner’s funding supported Lancashire Constabulary to respond to 5,379 incidents that resulted in 595 arrests.

As I support and visit projects, it is great to see the positive work happening to make Lancashire safer, through diversionary activity, enhanced policing operations and projects, investment in infrastructure such as CCTV or road safety measures to just name a few.

It is also a poetic irony that we are achieving this positive change within the county, by using the ill-gotten gains of criminals we have seized, investing them back into the areas they have exploited, tackling the root causes of crimes.

Case Study

Bacup Family Centre (Solutions – Community Youth Project) Rossendale

Bacup Family Centre were awarded £10,000 towards their Solutions – Community Youth Project.

Following repeated issues raised at Rossendale’s multi agency ASB meeting, Bacup Family Centre developed the Community Youth Project. Bacup Family Centre work with vulnerable young people causing or at risk of getting involved in crime and anti-social behaviour. The project provides young people access to a dedicated youth space for several days and evenings per week.

Police in the Rossendale area have opened a new office within the community centre with the aim to improve engagement opportunities with partners, the public and youths. They also have established dedicated daily ASB patrols targeting hotspot areas, making use of Acceptable Behaviour Contracts, Community Protection Notice and Warnings.

An average of 25 young people have been attending each session, and 79 have been engaged with in total. Bacup Family Centre have regular contact with around 30-40 of these young people per week. Further funding had been acquired from CCG funding streams which allowed for 12 of the young people to be referred into the free dance lessons.

A further application was received by Bacup Natural History Museum who link in with the Family centre and provide activities for identified young people. The Museum have received funding towards the installation of CCTV to enable them to effectively capture Anti-Social Behaviour and other crime following on from incidents relating to young people who now attend the Solutions Project. They were identified as causing nuisance on the grounds of the Museum.

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