Independent Interview and Selection Panel Member

The role of Chief Constable for Lancashire Constabulary represents an exceptional opportunity for a chief officer or equivalent, who has the relevant skills, knowledge and experience that are required for the role.

The Police and Crime Commissioner is seeking an independent person to join the Interview and Selection Panel.

In order to hold the role you must be independent of the Commissioner and Lancashire Constabulary .

You must be suitably experienced in senior leadership selection and assessment practices in order to ensure the appointment process is conducted in line with the principles of merit, fairness and openness.

The successful person must have high levels of knowledge and understanding of the need to ensure fairness, integrity and equality throughout a recruitment process.

You will be an active member of the Interview and Selection Panel, participating throughout the selection process, and producing a high quality written report at the conclusion of the exercise which will be submitted to the Lancashire Police and Crime Panel.

A daily allowance of £511.56 ( for a full day  – half a day (over 2 hours)  is £255.78) , plus travelling expenses will be paid . Reading time will be claimable at £15per hour. On line time will be claimable at £73 per hour.

If you would like to be considered for this role please send an email with your CV  addressing how you meet the role profile and how you are independent, with a covering letter to explain why you would be suitable by 12 noon on Monday  the 15th of January 2024.

If you would like more information, please contact Ian Dickinson for an informal discussion at

Please note if you wish to apply you must be available on the following dates

A  short briefing session (on line)  in the afternoon of the 8th of February 2024;the afternoon of the 9th of February 2024  (on line ); from 4pm on the 21st of February 2024 (in person) through  until close of play on the 22nd of February 20024. In addition you will also be required to make some time for reading.

More information on the recruitment process


Independent Selection and Interview Panel  Member Role Profile

1            You must

a)be independent of the Lancashire Police and Crime Commissioner and Lancashire Constabulary

b)be suitably experienced in selection and assessment practices for senior leadership roles, in order to ensure the appointment process is conducted in line with the principles of merit, fairness and openness.

  1. c) be able ensure fairness, integrity and equality throughout a recruitment process.
  2. d) have a proven track record of experience as a senior leader
  1. To read and understand the Guidance for the Appointment of Chief Officers INSERT LINK and undertake briefing/assessor training.
  2. To work collaboratively with the PCC and other appointments panel members to challenge and test whether the candidates meet the necessary requirements to perform the role effectively throughout the appointments process.
  3.           Provide independent views during the appointments process, where requested to do so, the responsibilities are likely to include the following:
  4. To provide an independent view on the shortlisting of applicants against the agreed appointment criteria.
  5.           To play an active role (where required) as part of the appointments panel and provide an independent view in assessing shortlisted candidates against the agreed appointment criteria (this might include using interviews, presentations, assessment exercises, etc).
  6.           To provide an  independent view on which candidate(s) most closely meets the appointment criteria in line with the principles of merit, fairness, and openness.
  7. To produce a written report on the appointment process for the Police and Crime Panel which expressly and explicitly addresses the appointment principles of merit, fairness and openness, and the extent to which the panel were able to fulfil their purpose.
  8.           Have an awareness and understanding of Lancashire Constabulary.
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