1st December 2022

Tackling violent crime in focus at accountability session

The Commissioner’s regular accountability board forms a key part of the scrutiny he carries out as the public’s voice in policing, holding the Chief Constable to account for the delivery of policing in the county.

The latest meeting saw members of the Lancashire Violence Reduction Network, give an in-depth run through on the work they have done since being formed  – including intensified policing in hot spot areas and addressing public concerns where there are reports of violent incidents, alongside targeted intervention to avoid people, particularly young people, from falling into a cycle of offending.

There was also a look forward to the next few years and how the LVRN is building on this work, following the announcement in Spring this year that the Commissioner had secured Government funding of £5 million to enable it to continue over the next three years.

Initiatives facilitated by Lancashire Violence Reduction Network include coaching programmes to reduce reoffending and improve the life chances of young people, knife crime education and prevention activity including the Knife Angel visit to Lancashire in November 2021, and work to bring trauma-informed practice into public services, called Trauma Informed Lancashire.

Speaking after the meeting, Andrew Snowden, Police and Crime Commissioner for Lancashire said:

“It is great to be able to bring in senior members of the Lancashire Violence Reduction Network to take an in-depth look at the work they are doing, with Lancashire Constabulary and other partners, to tackle violent crime across the county and keep people safe.

“It’s important, as I hold the force to account and ensure the priorities in my Fighting Crime Plan are delivered, we understand what’s being delivered across policing, what works and how we can do more and build on successes.

“Alongside this, as ever these meetings let us get to the heart of the key issues as we take the fight to criminals and protect people. We really get under the skin of policing in the county, look at what is going well, where we can do more and also how we can build on the recent HMICFRS inspection that identified Lancashire Constabulary as one of the best forces in the country.

“I work closely with the Chief Constable between these meetings to ensure the Police and Crime Plan is being delivered, ensuring the people of Lancashire are heard. This all means we can provide what the public want, criminals off the streets and behind bars, with the communities we all live and work in, feeling protected.”

Sue Clarke, Director of Lancashire’s Violence Reduction Network (LVRN) explained the importance of the LVRN: “We believe violence is often preventable and not inevitable. As a network, we are supporting the work being done to reduce violent crime in Lancashire through prevention and early intervention strategies.

“This approach allows us to explore root causes and provide the right level of tailored support to prevent young people from entering and or escalating in the criminal justice system.

“We have already seen the positive impact our programmes have on young people and are continuing to work with the PCC and constabulary to bring organisations and services together to create both safer, and trauma informed communities.”

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