1st February 2023

Police Commissioner joins officers training to see new kit in action

Visiting the site, based in North Preston, Andrew talked with trainers and students about the importance of public order training, and the role a strong public order capability has in protecting the county.

He also heard how the new equipment and vehicles, additional training and upskilling of officers in public order policing, supported through the Police Innovation Fund strand of his Safer Lancashire Neighbourhoods Fund, is making a difference both in training, and out on Lancashire’s streets.

From public order, public safety policing, and events policing such as football matches, through to the capability for protestor removal, major incidents and night-time economy, funding has increased the capacity of the Constabulary to respond and seen investment in vehicles and kit that supports wider policing.

Andrew Snowden, Police and Crime Commissioner for Lancashire said:

“It’s extremely important that, as Commissioner, I continue to meet officers and staff across all aspects of policing to see first hand the work that happens throughout Lancashire Constabulary, and how I can help support them.

“Having the opportunity to visit our public order training facility is a great chance to see some of this unseen work, and how funding through the Police Innovation Fund strand of my Safer Lancashire Neighbourhoods Fund   is helping deliver the efficient, effective policing where officers are ready for any eventuality.

“Some of the training, tactics and equipment that officers experience here are used on a regular basis, whilst some are thankfully rare. However, it’s absolutely right that we prepare for any scenario and provide the knowledge and equipment necessary so officers can keep both themselves, and the public, as safe as possible.

“I will continue to back the Chief Constable with the resources to take the fight to criminals and protect the public, as we put more officers onto the streets and aim to deliver an outstanding policing service.”

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