7th July 2023

New Partnership to tackle drug use and improve support across Lancashire

The alliance brings together Lancashire’s three Combating Drugs Partnerships (CDPs) to collectively address and tackle the challenges associated with drug use across the region. All will work together to positively support efforts by agencies across Lancashire to break drug supply chains, improve support, and challenge perceptions around drug use.

Through sharing expertise and best practice from the County Council and two unitary authorities, this joined up approach will help in the fight against issues such as drug driving, organised crime, education on the risks of substance misuse and identifying emerging risks.

Through pooling resources, sharing knowledge, and coordinating efforts, this partnership also aims to make a lasting impact on individuals, families, and communities affected by drug use.

Andy Pratt MBE, Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner for Lancashire and Chair of the Alliance, said:

“The Pan Lancashire Drug and Alcohol Alliance marks a significant step forward in our collective efforts to combat drug use and its adverse effects on our communities.

“By joining forces, we are creating a unified front to break drug supply chains, improve support systems, and challenge misconceptions surrounding drug use, including drug driving. It is crucial that we tackle the criminal gangs that ruin lives and damage communities, but we must also recognise that addressing the root causes of substance misuse requires a comprehensive approach.

“Treatment, support, and education are essential components of our work to protect people and create lasting change. Together we will strive to bring about positive and lasting change for Lancashire.”

Rachael Millar, Head of the Government’s Joint Combating Drugs Unit said:

“Our national 10-year Drugs Strategy: From Harm to Hope, set out an ambition to reduce drug-related crime, harms, deaths and use. Local Combating Drugs Partnerships are the engine rooms for delivering this on the ground and making a difference to individuals and communities.

“It’s great to see the creation of Pan Lancashire Drug and Alcohol Alliance. I will be speaking to the Alliance about their goal to come together in the mission to combat illicit drug use as part of a multi-agency response, based on local priorities, to deliver the national plan.”

The alliance comprises the Lancashire Alcohol and Drug Partnership Board, Blackburn with Darwen Combatting Drugs Partnership, and Blackpool Drug and Alcohol Partnership Board. As the multi-agency forums accountable for the delivery of the Government’s national drug strategy ‘From Harm to Hope’ at a local level, the three CDPs play a vital role in combating substance misuse and its associated harms.

The overarching goal of the Harm to Hope Strategy is to transform the landscape of drug use by breaking drug supply chains, delivering a world-class treatment and recovery system, and shifting the demand for recreational drugs. The alliance will serve as a platform to foster collaboration, exchange best practices, and identify opportunities for joint action to address substance misuse effectively.


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