17th January 2024

It's Nice2Share: See Something, Share Something

Police in Lancashire have been using the NICE INVESTIGATE system since July 2021 which is a digital evidence management system where businesses have registered their CCTV and other recording devices into a community portal. This system details the location of potential video footage which can be requested for evidence leading to more efficient prosecutions of offenders. 

When a crime is reported, the area can be scanned to search for potential video evidence and if a camera is identified, Lancashire Police can request the footage to be shared with them to support the investigation. 

Lancashire Police have no access to the cameras and all footage provided is voluntary. 

Nice2Share expands on this previous work by asking the general public to join the portal by registering their residential cameras to create a bigger directory of cameras available and covering more locations across the county. 

Andrew Snowden, Lancashire’s Police and Crime Commissioner for Lancashire said: 

“I’m pleased to help fund this new initiative which utilises technology to greatly strengthen our ability to catch criminals and help to protect the law abiding majority of people in the county. 

“‘Nice2Share’ is another way we’re working in partnership with businesses and residents to deliver what we’re all aiming for, less crime and safer communities. Our officers can’t be everywhere all the time and so the public are so often the eyes and ears that help us stop criminals in their tracks. 

“This initiative supports the enforcement and proactive investigations that I want to see from Lancashire Constabulary as we take the fight to criminals, secure justice for victims, and get offenders off our streets.” 

ACC Russ Procter said “NICE INVESTIGATE is an incredible tool that can quickly and efficiently locate cameras in an area where we may be able to source crucial evidence to aid our investigations. Footage from CCTV and digital recording devices can provide important information on who might be involved, what may have happened, when it happened, where they have come from and what direction they have travelled. Footage can, therefore, be used to prove or disprove allegations against a suspect leading to faster investigations and a better outcome for victims.” 

“In our experience we know that a lot of criminals are opportunistic so having some security precautions in place can act as a deterrent for your own personal property, Nice2Share goes a step further and is an ask for people to help others in their community should their cameras catch something that could help.  

To learn more about Nice2Share please visit https://www.lancashire.police.uk/nice2share and fill in the form to begin the registration process. 

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