25th November 2022

Hundreds of victims engage in Restorative Justice across Lancashire

Andy Pratt MBE met with Helena Cryer to talk through the latest data and case studies where restorative justice (RJ) has helped victims move forward and engaged offenders who faced up to the damage their actions have caused.

During the previous six months, the dedicated team has engaged with 261 victims, with many of these going on to the full RJ process. They discussed a number of examples, where both the victims and perpetrator went through the Restorative Justice process.

Restorative Justice holds offenders to account for what they have done, personally and directly, and helps victims to get on with their lives. It gives victims the chance to tell offenders the real impact of their crime and get answers to their questions.

Andy Pratt MBE, Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner and Chair of the Lancashire Criminal Justice Board said:

“Restorative Justice is an important tool in our armoury to support victims of crime, tackle reoffending and make Lancashire a safer place.

“Its clear hearing the stories of the people who have been able to move forward with their lives, and also the examples where career criminals have reformed and stopped offending, preventing further victims, the difference the RJ team makes in Lancashire.

“As we deliver the Commissioner’s Fighting Crime Plan and deliver on the priorities that the public expect us to deliver on, as Chair of the Lancashire Criminal Justice Board I will continue to drive the partnerships that are key here in Lancashire to deliver the swift, efficient justice that protects the public and breaks the cycle of reoffending.”

Helena Cryer, Lancashire Constabuary Restorative Justice Manager said:

“The demand for Restorative Justice within Lancashire continues to rise. Our goal is to continue to raise awareness of the process and deliver a service which holds offenders accountable and allows victims of crime to explain the impact and harm which has been caused.

“Restorative Justice is an important process and the team at Lancashire Police are able to offer advice and support on the process.”

The Restorative Justice team can be contacted on 01772 412545 or via email on RJAdmin@lancashire.police.uk

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