16th June 2023

Deputy Commissioner visits Canalside community group supporting East Lancashire residents

During the visit, Mr. Pratt saw how the East Lancashire site has grown and developed in recent years thanks to the work of volunteers and Scout leaders. The area has been transformed from a derelict field to a thriving outdoor activity site, with groups regularly participating in activities such as kayaking, archery and bush craft.

The visit provided the opportunity to acknowledge how integral partnership working is to improve our communities, with both Councillor Talbot and Mr. Pratt agreeing that work done by the volunteers has vastly improved the area from its previously unused state. The site works with groups from Scouts, to multi-faith groups, and schools and hopes to continue creating opportunities for residents to engage in healthy outdoor activities and continue promoting community cohesion.

Mr. Pratt took the time to consult volunteers on how they could improve security measures in the centre in order to keep the area safe, and how the police may help with this in future. Discussions also revolved around how the centre could be used to prevent crime, especially anti-social behaviour by giving young people a purpose, a hobby and a sense of much needed community.

After the visit, Deputy Commissioner Andy Pratt MBE said:

“It’s always a privilege to see dedicated volunteers making  a difference in their communities and it’s astonishing to see what these volunteers have achieved through their vision and will power.

“Lancashire residents from as far as Blackpool have been coming to make the most of the facilities created here and I hope to see more as the thriving centre expands.

“Just recently we celebrated National Volunteers Week and today’s visit shows exactly why we should be commending the generosity of volunteers all year round as they enrich our communities and work selflessly for others.”

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