6th June 2023

Deputy Commissioner Collaborates with East Lancashire School on Road Safety Issues

This visit came after several pupils engaged in speed checks alongside the local police force, in response to the escalating issues around dangerous driving behaviours, including speeding, mobile phone use, and parking violations.

The speed checks conducted on the A671, Burnley Road, resulted in drivers being pulled over by local officers. These drivers were then confronted not just by the police, but also by the school’s pupils, who expressed their fears on reckless driving and how it makes them feel unsafe.

During the visit, the Deputy Commissioner, who is also the Chair of Lancashire Road Safety Partnership, met with Deputy Headteacher of Northern Primary School to address these concerns.

Andy Pratt MBE, Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner for Lancashire, commented:

“I was pleased to visit Northern Primary School today and engage with the young people and staff regarding their road safety concerns. Addressing dangerous driving is a key part of the Police and Crime Commissioner Andrew Snowden’s Police and Crime Plan, and it is heartening to see these young people actively contributing to addressing the problem.

“Everybody should be able to go about their day without the anxiety of being put in harm’s way due to dangerous driving. The areas around schools are often hotspots with heightened risks for pedestrians and drivers alike, and we aim to mitigate these risks whenever possible.

“Policing alone cannot eliminate this issue, and it is through engagement like this that we can raise road safety awareness and unite the community to enact proactive change.”


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