12th October 2023

Chief Constable scrutinised by Commissioner Snowden at latest accountability session

The meeting, part of the Commissioner’s commitment to holding the Chief Constable to account, sees him take a detailed look at how Lancashire Constabulary is tackling crime, delivering efficient and effective policing, and keeping people safe.

Chief Constable Chris Rowley and his Chief Officer Team updated Commissioner Snowden on public confidence in policing, and the rollout of the new Targeted Operating Model which aims to drive more focus on outcomes for victims.

Latest crime data shows an 8% decrease in all crime in 2023 compared with 2022, with 5,222 less victims of crime in the same period. Statistics also showed the new operating model improving call times and ensuring they are managed more efficiently, whilst recognising that there is still more to do.

Seizures of cash in a five-month period reached over £900k – almost trebling from the same period last year.

The Commissioner also heard some of the results achieved by the rural taskforces, including checkpoints during the recent National Rural Crime Week, vehicle seizures, and arrests relating to drugs and animal related crimes.

Speaking after the meeting, Andrew Snowden, Police and Crime Commissioner for Lancashire said:

“My accountability board meetings provide me with an in-depth look at the numbers behind policing in Lancashire, questioning the Chief Constable and his team in detail on the delivery of my Fighting Crime Plan, holding him to account as the public’s voice in policing.

“I am encouraged by the drops in both crime and the number of victims in Lancashire, which is testament to the hard work of our police officers and staff, who work around the clock to keep us safe.

“We are also seeing major steps forward in the disruption of organised crime gangs through Op Warrior, alongside the seizing cash from criminals, after my investment into the Economic Crime Unit. I am also really pleased that we have recently announced the next areas benefiting from the £2m I secured from Government to get tougher on ASB in hotspot locations.

“Both myself and the Chief Constable know that we can’t rest on our laurels, there is more we can do to take the fight to criminals and make the public feel safer, wherever they are in the county. I’ll continue to support Lancashire Constabulary to ensure they have the resources and backing they need to track down offenders, prevent victims and protect the public.”

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