8th February 2023

Blackpool project supported by Police Commissioner addresses ASB concerns

Blackpool FC Community Trust’s Tower Above programme works with young people aged 8-12 years who are at risk of getting involved in anti-social behaviour and other crime.

The project has been successful in reaching out to young people in the community and providing them with positive activities and support. The £10k investment from the Safer Lancashire Neighbourhoods Fund has allowed the project to expand and reach even more young people and build on the successes of other projects which the Trust is delivering to engage in the local area.

Referrals for the project come from organisations such as Blackpool Council whilst staff also attend existing Kicks sessions, which offer diversionary activity to young people, to identify those who could benefit from joining the project and access multi-agency support.

As part of PCC Andrew Snowden’s commitment to getting tough on anti-social behaviour, both in Blackpool and across Lancashire, he held the first of three county wide summits in the town last month to ensure key partners work together to support this initiative and to further strengthen relationships.

He said: “It’s encouraging to hear the positive impact this project is having on young people in Blackpool and shows the difference that my Safer Lancashire Neighbourhoods Fund can have on individuals and communities, utilising cash seized from criminals.

“Projects like this engage young people in the community and strengthen their connection to it, build relationships with the local policing team and help young people avoid getting involved in anti-social behaviour or other types of crime.

“Anti-social behaviour is one of the main issues residents write to my Office about, and isn’t something policing can deal with alone.  We need to see increased support and involvement from partnership organisations that can help us make our communities safer and deter crime.”

Matt Hilton, Deputy Chief Executive of the Community Trust, said:

“This project is not just about engaging with hard to reach young people, it is also about working together with partners from community, safety and criminal justice to deliver clear outcomes and improvements within our community.

“As well as reducing crime rates within the local area, we’re hoping that this initiative will help disadvantaged young people reach their full potential in all areas of life and become valued members of their local community.

“We know from past experience that when working with young people that if we give them a purpose, a team spirit, then responsibility and good behaviour follows, which in turn can lead to a strong focus on citizenship and supporting those that are in need within our own community.”

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