The Background

Since 2017, Lancashire Constabulary and the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner have committed, through the Commissioner’s Social Value Policy, to make sure all spending through the commissioning of services or goods delivers the best possible value for the county, whilst delivering the best value for money that the public would expect.

This includes investing money that is spent through local and regional firms that retains the value of these in Lancashire and the wider northern region, encouraging suppliers to pay the real Living Wage as set out by the Living Wage Foundation, driving the creation of jobs, apprenticeships and volunteer oppor

tunities or supporting businesses who have a focus on protecting the environment.


What is ‘Backing Lancashire’?

By encouraging businesses and organisations across the county to focus spending power, ‘Backing Lancashire’ through investment and the creation of jobs and apprentices, the Commissioner and Lancashire Constabulary are looking to build on this work and also the great work being done already across the county to encourage local spend and financial, as well as social, investment.


Sign the pledge

By signing the Backing Lancashire Pledge, Organisations can signal their intent to help invest in the county and be part of its growth.

The ‘Backing Lancashire’ Pledge

We (insert organisation) support ‘Backing Lancashire’ and wherever possible aim to ensure our procurement, commissioning and general business activity maximises social, economic and environmental benefit within the county and the wider North West region.



£36m spent by Lancashire Constabulary within Lancashire in 2017/18

Over £6.3m invested back into Lancashire businesses during the development of West Division Police Headquarters.


“Focusing on locally produced goods where possible is a great thing for the community and it seems to work really well for us both”

“We’re proud to be involved in such a prestigious contract and work with organisations with a defined social policy and we hope that more companies might follow suit in future for the benefit of our community as a whole.”

“I am from the area and it’s good to see jobs being created locally which helps the local community too.”


How you can get involved:

  • Sign the Pledge
  • Tweet your support with #BackingLancashire