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Theatre group helping tackle doorstep scammers with community funding

26 February, 2020

An East Lancashire based theatre group have created a performance which raises awareness about doorstep scams – and will be touring the area, engaging with those most vulnerable to becoming victims.

The Civic Arts Centre in Oswaldtwistle has developed the project after initially delivering a pilot project to 70 older people, with support from local PCSOs.

With support from the Police and Crime Commissioner’s Community Action Fund, the centre will now be taking a larger drama piece on the road for free performances at ten venues in the area, targeted at those most at risk from doorstep fraudsters.

As part of the project, an advice booklet with advice on spotting a scam is also being produced to support the group’s performance.

The Commissioner visited one of the rehearsals, taking place at the Civic Arts Centre, to hear how the power of performance is being used to keep people safe and stop scammers in their tracks.

He said:

“This is a great idea and means key information around doorstep scams is reaching those who are most likely to be targeted, helping them to understand the risks and what to look out for in an engaging way.

“Scammers often target the most vulnerable in our society, so it’s fitting that I have been able to support this project by utilising the Proceeds of Crime as it means these funds are going back into the county and having a positive impact in our communities and helping to keep people safe.

“This is what my Community Action Fund is all about and highlights the impact these small grants can have – they provide real value for money and make a big difference across Lancashire.”

Gayle at the Oswaldtwistle Civic Arts Centre said: “We’re very pleased to be taking this production around Hyndburn to highlight the lengths that some people will go to scam the vulnerable in our community. We’re not aiming to scare people but we do want to help people identify scammers and to give them advice on how to protect themselves and their property.

The production is visiting a number of community venues from the end of March onwards, if you want a list of all shows please get in touch with us on 01254 398319 or visit Or, if you want us to bring the show to any community venue please get in touch and we will do our utmost to help. We’re very grateful for the funding that has enabled us to develop this piece of work.”

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