Things to consider before applying

What is the process?

When applying to the Reducing Reoffending Fund, applications are submitted first to the Commissioner’s office where an initial assessment will be made on the eligibility of the application. If the bid is eligible, the Local Reducing Reoffending Board will help to consider whether it meets the local or county-wide priorities and whether it will support the work of partners.

If supported at this stage the Chair in conjunction with the Deputy Director will make a recommendation to the Commissioner for final approval.


When filling in your application form, you will need to keep in mind the Fund’s notes and guidance along with the Commissioning Framework.

The overall Reducing Reoffending Strategy focuses on five key areas for targeting reoffending:

  1. Accommodation
  2. Employment, Education and Training
  3. Community Integration
  4. Lifestyle
  5. Substance Misuse

Given the existing statutory provision and responsibilities of agencies in the other three fields, the Reducing Reoffending Fund, will focus on work to improve Community Integration and Lifestyle issues facing offenders to reduce the likelihood of offending behaviours. Any projects seeking support through the Reducing Reoffending Fund should carefully consider how their work will contribute to the following priorities.

Community Integration – Develop and build strong and supportive relationships within the community which support the need to change and deter offending behaviours among offenders.

Lifestyle – Take a holistic approach to the mental, physical and emotional wellbeing of individuals offering tailored support and plans to improve overall lifestyle and build resilience that will reduce the likelihood of a return to offending behaviours.

Trauma informed approach – Recognises the impact that trauma has and incorporates this into the support and help which is provided.

You are also advised not to use the grant to fund salaries of staff, for bursaries, scholarships or for individual people.

What to consider before applying

Before filling in the application form, you need to consider what the Independent Chair and each local Reducing Reoffending Board will be looking at in your application, and what the project or initiative needs to include.

Here are some helpful questions you may want to consider when planning your bid:

  • How will your project tackle crime and reoffending?
  • What groups of people will benefit from this?
  • Does your project utilize a trauma informed approach?
  • How will it support those who have previously offended reintegrate into the community and provide support to avoid future offending behaviours?
  • Does your project delivery value for money and will you be able to evidence this?
  • Does your project meet the terms set out in the PCC’s Commissioning Framework?
  • Does your project tackle this in an innovative and creative way, or take a new approach to tackling long term problems?
  • Are you working in partnership with any other organisation?
  • Is your project based in one of the four local board areas or across more?
  • How will you be able to show that your project has been successful?
  • Can you demonstrate an exit strategy for the sustainability of your project or initiative?

The deadline for Reducing Reoffending Fund applications is 5pm on Monday 3rd August 2020.