Supporting Vulnerable People And Victims

Supporting Vulnerable People And Victims

  • Delivering Lancashire Victim Service to support victims and witnesses of crime
  • Promoting the co-ordinated commissioning of domestic abuse services across Lancashire and ensure victims know where to access help and support
  • Working with all agencies to ensure vulnerable children are protected from abuse and child sexual exploitation
  • Campaigning to raise awareness, challenge offending behaviour and encouraging people to seek support for all forms of crime or abuse
  • Helping people before they reach crisis point to get the help and support they need to turn their lives around through early action and intervention
Support for adult victims of crime

Lancashire Victim Services

Help and support for victims of crime across Lancashire
0300 323 0085

Support for young victims of crime

Nest Lancashire

Help and support for victims under the age of 18 across Lancashire
0300 111 0323
Text NEST and your number to 60777

Five promises to victims and witnesses

On March 18, 2013, I signed the ‘Five Promises to Victims and Witnesses’. The brainchild of Victim Support, the pledge aims to ensure all Police and Crime Commissioners focus on the needs of victims and witnesses.

Victim Support has asked all Police and Crime Commissioners to sign the document, designed to ensure that victims come first by agreeing to the following:

  • Be open and accountable to victims and witnesses, seeking out and acting on their views;
  • Ensure that victims and witnesses get the high quality help and support they need, when they need it;
  • Make the police more victim-focused and more effective at meeting their needs;
  • Give victims and witnesses an effective voice in the wider criminal justice system; and
  • Constantly work to develop new ways of delivering justice for victims.

I am very pleased to have signed the pledge; this is an important document, ensuring all Commissioners remain focused on the needs of victims.

Restorative Justice

Would you want to meet the offender who attacked you if you became a victim of crime? Or speak to the person who burgled your house, and ask them why?

Restorative Justice provides an opportunity to do that by giving the victim the chance to meet face-to-face with the person who committed the offence and to talk to them about what they did.

The victim can ask them why they were targeted, and tell them about the impact their actions have had on their life. And it also gives the offender a chance to explain why they behaved like they did – which can help victims put the crime behind them and move on with their lives.

For more information about restorative justice, you can visit the Lancashire Victim Services website. Alternatively, you can email or call 01257 246318.

My Commitment

As your Police and Crime Commissioner I am committed to delivering services which are tailored to the needs of victims in Lancashire and which have victims at the heart of them.

It is my promise to you that I will continue to listen to your views and make sure services in Lancashire are flexible and responsive to victims’ needs.

I want to make sure victims have a voice in the criminal justice system. I want to make sure they know what to expect and feel informed about what is happening to their case.

Ultimately, I want victims to receive the best service possible and it is my pledge to deliver that for the residents of Lancashire through the services I commission.

To ensure victims in Lancashire have access to the best possible services I have drawn up 10 key aims and outcomes which I am committed to delivering…

The Commissioner's 10 key aims and outcomes for victims and witnesses