Developing safe and confident communities

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Developing safe and confident communities

  • Ensuring the Chief Constable and his policing team deliver the highest professional and ethical standards in their service to the public
  • Ensuring that the public have an accessible, open and transparent policing service
  • Ensure the public has confidence in their police service
  • Support Community Safety Partnerships to focus on creating resilient and safer communities
  • Encouraging volunteering in local areas
  • Engaging with local communities on issues that matter to them

Survey outcome

I spoke to many residents during my ‘Let’s talk policing’ roadshow to hear your concerns and to get your views on a potential increase in the council tax precept, the part of your council tax that goes towards policing in Lancashire.

The majority of Lancashire residents I spoke to voiced their support for an increase in the council tax precept for 2017/18 to help maintain officer numbers. Over 74% of people who responded to my survey voted in favour of increasing the council tax precept by 2% or more.

Find out more and access the full consultation report.

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