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It is important that the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) is an efficient and effective organisation. We are always appreciative of any complimentary comments when things have gone well. Equally, when we get something wrong, we also want to hear from you and we will apologise and try to put things right.

Whenever you come into contact with the Office of the Lancashire Police and Crime Commissioner, you have the right to expect a professional service that meets your needs. Should the level of service fall below expectations, you have the right to complain about:

• The Commissioner’s Office itself, our policies or practice;

• The Commissioner or Deputy Commissioner (more details below);

• A Member of Staff of the Commissioner’s Office, including contractors; and

• A Volunteer working on behalf of the Commissioner’s Office

Complaints about the PCC, the Deputy PCC, a member of staff or a volunteer of the Office of the PCC

If you wish to complain about the service you have received by the PCC or the Deputy PCC or by a member of staff at the Office of the PCC or the way in which the staff of the Office of the PCC have conducted themselves, please contact the Director. Complaints in respect of the Police and Crime Commissioner may need to be referred to the Police and Crime Panel but the Office will deal with that for you.

The Director
Office of the PCC for Lancashire
County Hall

If you wish to complain about the Director (Monitoring Officer), please contact the Police and Crime Commissioner at the same address or by email:

What we will do

The Director will consider your complaint and will respond to you. We will try to resolve the complaint within 20 working days of the complaint being received. If we can’t do that, we will contact you to keep you updated on progress and to advise you when we expect to conclude the complaint. If your complaint is against the Director, the Commissioner will ask the Deputy Monitoring Officer or another officer to deal with this.

Complaints about the Conduct of the Chief Constable

The Police and Crime Commissioner is responsible for acting as the ‘appropriate authority’ in the recording and investigation of complaints and conduct matters against the Chief Constable. If you wish to make a complaint about the conduct of the Chief Constable, then please contact the Police and Crime Commissioner on the address set out above.

Complaints about a Police Officer from Lancashire Constabulary

From the 1 February 2020, the Police and Crime Commissioners took over the appeals function previously carried out by their forces PSDs (Professional Standards Departments) for low level complaints.

This means that the Police and Crime Commissioner cannot deal with complaints in respect of police officers at or below the rank of Deputy Chief Constable or of a police staff member. Nor can the Police and Crime Commissioner deal with complaints about the service you have received from Lancashire Constabulary.

In such cases, you will need to contact the Lancashire Constabulary Professional Standards Department.

01772 413777

Professional Standards Department
Police Headquarters
P O Box 77

If you require any further information on how the office will conduct police complaint reviews, please see our information document.

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