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Talking Policing in Burnley

15 January, 2016

Burnley Consultation1Lancashire’s Police and Crime Commissioner was in Burnley this week to chat with shoppers and local residents about funding for Lancashire Police.

Clive Grunshaw met with people at the Tesco Extra as part of his Let’s Talk Policing roadshow. He also consulted with them about the police precept element of council tax which goes towards funding local police services.

The visit was part of a series of four roadshows in the final leg of the consultation over a possible two per cent increase to the police precept, which would raise around £1.3m for the force. The Commissioner spoke to shoppers about the funding options, including an overall freeze, as well as local policing priorities.

Mr Grunshaw said: “It’s really important for me to be able to talk to people across Lancashire about what they want to see from our Police service. The people I spoke top had very interesting views and comments about policing and crime and it’s my job to make sure that’s taken on board.

“We recorded people’s views on the funding situation and their priorities and that will all go into the decision making process now.

“Most of the money to pay for the police comes from Government but around a quarter comes from council tax.

“The Government has continued to reduce the amount it gives us and residents have generously supported a small increase in funding of around 6p per week – for a band D household – for the last two years. I wanted to ask people in Burnley whether they would be happy to do this again or want to see a freeze.”

Despite a Government pledge to freeze police funding, the force will lose around £1m from its budget this year.

The final consultation event will be held in Blackpool on Saturday 16 January at the Hounsdshill Shopping Centre from 11.30am to 2pm.

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