12th December 2018 News

Project helping prevent reoffending and reduce crime with help from Commissioner

Helping people recover from drug and alcohol addiction

It is delivered by The Well Communities, a not-for-profit organisation who help people recover from drug and alcohol addiction.

The ‘Well Connected’ project addresses the impact that substance misuse has on the likelihood and incidence of re-offending and supports those leaving the prison system in reintegrating into their communities through a structured programme that includes peer to peer support and a community focused approach.

Visiting the hub in Morecambe, the Commissioner met members of the team delivering the project who have also been on their own journey of recovery.

He also had the opportunity to see the additional outreach work into the community that The Well Communities do, such as their ‘Well Fed’ foodbank initiative.

He said:

“This is a great example of communities coming together to support each other. Their work on supporting those who are in recovery from addiction is fantastic and the ability for this to help offenders who have left the prison system avoid reoffending and rebuild their lives is playing a key role in a growing number of communities in Lancashire.

“Policing alone cannot prevent people reoffending and this type of work, which I am supporting through my Reducing Reoffending Fund, is a vital part of what is being done by partners across the county. It is clear to see when talking to those who have had support from The Well Communities that the work they do makes a huge difference and helps turn people’s lives around.

“Tackling crime and reoffending is a key priority in my Police and Crime Plan and supporting initiatives which help them make Lancashire a safer place can only be a good thing.”

78% of people coming through The Well have remained crime free for at least 6 months. Over half are still not offending after 1 year.

David Higham, The Well Communities Chief Executive said:

“We would like to thank the PCC for investing in The Well and the work we are doing. This support is vital to help us show that people can break free from a life of addiction and crime.

“Our hubs are the beacon in the community to show others there is a new way to live. We are a peer led organization and we believe the peer to peer approach is vital in reducing offending and addiction.”

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