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Police and Crime Commissioner joins MP and Street Pastors for a night helping the needy in the City of Lancaster

23 March, 2017

Lancashire’s Police and Crime Commissioner Clive Grunshaw took to the streets of Lancaster late at night to see how the Community Action Fund has helped fund a pioneering project.
Clive Grunshaw joined volunteers along with MP Cat Smith and Inspector Kirsty Banks-Lion who is also a trustee of Lancaster Street Pastors and patrolled the streets.
The proceeds of crime funded the project with £2,500 which will go towards running costs of helping volunteers to engage with those on a night out and to keep them safe.
Mr Grunshaw said: “This is a great project to help keep people safe as they enjoy Lancaster’s nightlife.
“People who are intoxicated can sometimes leave themselves in a vulnerable position and therefore the work of Lancaster Street Pastors is excellent to help these people stay safe. I am committed to funding projects like this which will help prevent certain alcohol-induced crimes from happening.
“It is great to see how the pastor’s help can make a huge difference to the way a certain individual’s night will end.”
The Street Pastors initiative was set up in September 2008 and they patrol Lancaster Town Centre between 10.30pm – 3.30am once a week on a Saturday evening.
Volunteers engage with revellers and listen, care and help where they can offering water, flip flops for those in heels and other essentials.
They also patrol the communities of Skerton, the Vale and Ryelands some Friday evenings between 7 pm and 9.30/10pm. This gives them the opportunity to build up relationships with people they meet. Volunteer Diana Stopczynski said: “The funding is an excellent way to help us and we are grateful.
“We are always looking for volunteers. If people don’t want to head out in the dark on a Saturday night we offer services throughout the summer months on a Friday and this is an excellent way to support the community.”
MP Cat Smith, Representing Lancaster and Fleetwood: “It was interesting to see first hand the good work the Street Pastors do in Lancaster city centre. From supporting those who’ve had one too many to drink, befriending those sleeping rough, to picking up glass bottles and therefore removing potential weapons. I’m sure they make our city safer for us all.”

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