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Plans to relocate Accrington Police station announced

10 March, 2015

Lancashire’s Police and Crime Commissioner has announced plans to relocate Accrington’s Police Station to newly converted town centre premises later this year.

The plans mean police will be based at former retail premises at 8/10 Broadway in the town centre providing a visible police presence and helping to revive the area.

The current station in Spring Gardens, Accrington is just under half a mile away, but the premises are inefficient and outdated for modern policing needs and require considerable investment to bring them up to standard.

The move will save more than £51k per year in costs of running the existing police station and provide a base for the Neighbourhood Policing Team, a public access point, hot-desk space for immediate response officers, parking for police vehicles and patrol bikes.

Commissioner Clive Grunshaw explained: “The need for a new police station was identified some time ago when it became clear that current premises would be too costly to upgrade.

“I will be investing £500k converting the new premises and ensuring they are equipped with appropriate communications for example. This is a one off cost and will provide an essential facility in the town improving the visible policing presence and helping to regenerate the town centre. Buildings don’t catch criminals, but there is no doubt the town centre station will be a welcome addition to the area.”

Easter Divisional Commander Chris Bithell said: “There will be no change to operational policing in the town and residents will still receive the same high standards of policing they are used to. The relocation is a positive move as the new neighbourhood police station will be around half a mile from its previous base but will be more accessible in the heart of the town centre.”

The new station will be based in former retail units and leased from Hyndburn Council. Leader Miles Parkinson said:  “I’m delighted that the Commissioner has worked with us to relocate the service.  Having the new police station on Broadway will be great for public access and it will also add positively to the town centre.

“This is an example of another significant investment for Accrington town centre alongside the new bus station that is currently being built and the town centre heritage initiative which will start in the next year or so.”

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