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Photography project engages young people after community grant

12 March, 2018

Lancashire’s Police and Crime Commissioner saw how young people have been engaging in a project to help them understand the potential dangers found online and using social media safely, through innovative photography lessons, after a Skelmersdale group benefited from his Community Action Fund.

The Commissioner joined residents as five weekly sessions culminated in a gallery-style event, where young people were able to display their photography work and talk about how they have benefited from the course.

The ‘In a Flash’ project created a platform for young people to explore the use of photography and social media, which is such a part of everyday life, safely, whilst raising awareness about the dangers of ‘sexting’ and the pressures that many people face – all whilst learning a new skill.

Involving young people aged 14 to 21, the project also aimed to engage with groups who may otherwise be out on the streets with little to do, ensuring they avoid getting involved in crime, or becoming victims of crime.

Clive Grunshaw, Lancashire’s Police and Commissioner said:

“I’ve seen the hard work and dedication that everyone involved in this work has put in. Developing safe and confident communities is a key priority in my police and crime plan and projects like this provide real development for young people.

“Without organisations such as the Artz Centre, many less people would have opportunities such as this. As well as developing new skills it helps keeps them off the streets, meaning they are less likely to either become a victim of crime or get involved in crime, such as anti-social behaviour, themselves.

“It’s great to see the real difference being made through my Community Action Fund, supporting community groups in keeping their area safe and reducing crime.”

Claire McEvoy, Funding Co-ordinator at the Artz Centre said:

“At the Artz Centre we feel hugely grateful to have received funding from the Lancashire Police and Crime Commissioner’s Community Action Fund. This funding enabled local young people to explore the power of photography and social media, its negative consequences and positive influences, too.

“We are delighted with the results of the “In a Flash” project, and we recognise that the local young people involved, have not only gained new skills in photography, but have also grown as well-rounded, well-informed and safer members of our community.

“Having the Commissioner in attendance at our “In A Flash” Gallery Event was a great privilege, and we extend our warmest thanks for enabling our project to succeed.”

For more details about the Community Action Fund, including funding criteria and how to apply, visit the CAF section of the Commissioners website

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