Current opportunities

Invitations to tender can be found on our procurement and contracts page.

Contracts over £10,000

Invitations to tender issued by the PCC or the Chief Officer where the contract is to exceed £10,000.

Name of Tender Invitation
Victim Services

Date of Invitation Published
August 2016

Tender Invitation Document




Decision Date/Reference

5 December 2016 –
2016/34 – Restricted



Name of Tender Invitation
Insurance Services Contract

Date of Invitation Published
13 August 2013

Decision Date/Reference

10 October 2013 – 2013/22

Further details about invitations to tender issued in Lancashire, involving either the Commissioner or the Chief Constable, are available on the Bluelight procurement website.

The Commissioner also regularly publishes an up-to-date list of contracts to which he or the Chief Constable is party. The latest version of the list can be downloaded using the following link:

Monthly contracts report November 2018

A list of contracts can also be found online via the Bluelight procurement database.