Policing in austerity certainly has its challenges, but I am pleased to say that Lancashire Constabulary is meeting those challenges well and has again been ranked among the top forces in the country by HMIC (Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary).

The Force continues to face a significant financial challenge, with up to £20m of savings needing to be made by 2017/18 which is why, when I set the budget for 2015/16, I asked Lancashire’s residents to consider whether they would be willing to pay more towards policing through their Council Tax. The overall budget requirement for policing in Lancashire for 2015/2016 was set at £258.871 million.

But exactly where is that money being spent?
Below you can read about how money is spent in different areas of Lancashire Constabulary – and get a clearer idea of the roles being performed by officers and staff across the force.

To measure willingness to pay an increase in council tax I carried out a telephone survey as well as an online survey, read the results by clicking on the links below.

Telephone survey results
Online survey results

Council Tax Leaflet 2015