It is no secret Lancashire Constabulary is facing a significant financial challenge, with up to £20m of savings needing to be made by 2017/18.

That is why, when I set the budget for 2014/15, I asked Lancashire’s residents to consider whether they were willing to pay more towards policing through their Council Tax.

As your Police and Crime Commissioner I am responsible for all police spending – and in 2013/14 the gross expenditure was £287.383m.

But exactly where is that money being spent?
Below you can read about how money is spent in different areas of Lancashire Constabulary – and get a clearer idea of the roles being performed by officers and staff across the force.

I officially signed off this year’s budget on Wednesday 19th February 2014. View the Council Tax Leaflet for 2014-2015.

As part of my consultation to measure willingness to pay an increase in council tax, I commissioned a quantitative telephone survey. You can read the report on the findings here.