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New pathfinder rolled out securing neighbourhood policing in fylde

30 April, 2015

A new pathfinder scheme aimed at securing neighbourhood policing and improving local police response to crime is set to be rolled out in Fylde.

The approach involves providing an additional two patrol vehicles, providing officers with new tough book laptops for mobile working and increasing the number of community beat managers (CBM) from 13 to 14. The current number of PCSOs will remain at 13.

West area Divisional Commander Stuart Noble said: “In many ways this is business as usual for Fylde with the main difference being that local officers will do more responding to urgent calls. Under the new pathfinder approach between 7am and 10pm, the Fylde Local Policing Team will be responsible for responding to calls for service, problem solving in their local area, and investigating crimes.”

Clive Grunshaw, Lancashire’s Police and Crime Commissioner said: “Inevitably when you announce changes to something, especially in this current climate, people assume there is going to be a reduction in local services.

“What we are actually doing is enhancing local policing here and still managing to deliver savings required. The increase in the number of officers demonstrates our commitment to providing a quality local policing service to Fylde.”

“By providing the additional technology and vehicles officers will be out on the beat much more than before and provide a visible presence which is something that the public have been crying out for.”

The pathfinder is also being piloted in the Ribble Valley area and means more immediate response will come from local teams, rather than from divisional headquarters.

The Commissioner added: “I have to save £9.2m by 2016/17 to meet Government funding cuts. If this approach proves successful then it is likely to be rolled out in other areas. The savings will come from having some response services provided by local teams.”

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