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What is Modern Slavery?

Modern Slavery involves recruiting and moving people using threats, deception and coercion to exploit them.

It takes many forms but one of the most common is forced labour, along with sexual exploitation and domestic servitude.

It’s a global problem and it is happening here, right now, in Lancashire.


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Take the pledge and help Fight Modern Slavery

Modern Slavery pledge

We as a business based in Lancashire pledge to work in partnership with our suppliers to ensure that there is no modern slavery or human trafficking in the supply chain, encouraging our suppliers to achieve high ethical standards and practices including fair and right working conditions across the supply chain.

We also note and agree with the Police and Crime Commissioner and Lancashire Constabulary's statement of intent on tackling modern slavery.

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Commissioner’s work

Tackling Modern Slavery is a key priority for the Commissioner and part of this work is encouraging businesses to sign the Fighting Modern Slavery Pledge.

This allows businesses to commit to tackling Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking in all forms, including in supply chains.

For information around the steps the office have taken and continue to take to tackle modern slavery see the document Statement of Intent – Modern Slavery

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