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Lancashire Residents Support Increase In Council Tax For Policing

27 January, 2016

Lancashire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Clive Grunshaw, has thanked residents for supporting a 6p a week increase in council tax to pay for policing. The Commissioner has decided to increase the payment by 1.99% after 86.5% of residents said they wanted to see an increase in a cross-county consultation.

Mr Grunshaw presented his proposal to members of the Police and Crime Panel at a meeting this week and said that 2,685 people had responded to the consultation – the largest response to date.

The panel voted to “concur” with the Commissioner’s decision to increase council tax in order to help protect police numbers.

CliveFrontlineThe Commissioner said: “We know how much people in Lancashire value their police and the outcome of the consultation shows this. We undertook a telephone survey along with web and paper-based surveys ensuring we could reach as many people as possible.”

It’s the role of the Commissioner to set the council tax precept for policing every year. The decision to increase the council tax by an average of 6p per week will raise an extra £1.3m towards policing across Lancashire – equivalent to 28 police officer roles.

Around 25% of funding for Lancashire Police comes from council tax while the rest comes from Government grants.

The Commissioner added: “Raising this extra revenue will help make up for the further reduction in Government funding next year, but unfortunately it won’t get us extra officers.
It’s tough asking people to pay for something that Government has stopped funding, but the residents of Lancashire have made it clear to me that is what they want to do.”

As well as asking for feedback on the Council tax the Commissioner also asked residents for their views on policing and crime priorities to help influence his overall budget decisions.

Residents put solving major crimes such as murder, rape and serious offences at the top of their priority list, closely followed by protecting children from sexual exploitation, and preventing terrorism and extremism. Patrolling areas with high crime was ranked fourth.

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