10th August 2021

Lancashire MPs join Commissioner in calling for police funding review

Lancashire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Andrew Snowden, has written to the government calling for a balanced and transparent review of the police funding formula – with cross-party backing from Lancashire’s Members of Parliament.

Writing to Home Secretary Priti Patel, Mr Snowden and eight MPs from across the county have highlighted the need for long overdue reform of the funding formula, which plays a key role in determining money available to police forces, ensuring that it takes into account levels of crime, efficiency and socio-economic factors.

Previous attempts at reform in 2015 failed, with many saying the process was rushed and failed to listen to the views of stakeholders in police forces across the country.

The government has indicated that they will hold a review into the formula before the next general election, which has been welcomed by the Commissioner, and he is keen to ensure that the process is transparent, whilst taking to account the need to deliver the very best policing service possible here in Lancashire.

Andrew is committed to working with government and has welcomed the uplift of 20,000 new police officers nationwide as well securing over £2.5m of funding to tackle domestic abuse and providing support for victims.

As well as the MPs who co-signed the letter, a number of Lancashire MPs who sit on the government frontbench, but who can’t sign the letter due to the Ministerial Code, have indicated their support for a fair and transparent review and will work with the Commissioner to raise the issue in government.

He said:

“I’m delighted to be joined by Members of Parliament, from across the political divide, in calling for a fair, transparent review into how funding is decided for policing across the country.

“The police funding formula needs to be reviewed to ensure fairness and to better consider issues such as demand on the service, crime levels and economic factors.

“Building relationships with government and working constructively wherever possible with Westminster is extremely important to ensure we get the best possible deal for policing and you can be sure that I will make sure Lancashire’s voice is heard. Working with government has led to my office securing over £2.5 million in extra funding to help tackle things like domestic abuse and to support victims of crime in Lancashire.

“Lancashire is benefiting from the government’s 20,000 officer uplift and this is helping to make sure our streets are safe. I am committed to cracking down on crime and will continue to work with partners across Lancashire to lead the fight against crime and tackle the issues that matter to people, such as anti-social behaviour and getting tough on reoffending.”


MPs who have co-signed the letter:

Scott Benton MP

Jake Berry MP

Rosie Cooper MP

Mark Hendrick MP

Antony Higginbotham MP

Kate Hollern MP

Paul Maynard MP

Cat Smith MP


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