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Community Action Fund

The Commissioner’s Community Action Fund (CAF) is designed to provide small grants to groups to help tackle local concerns as well as deliver the Commissioner’s priorities.

CAF Grants Awarded 2017/18

CAF Grants Awarded 2018/19

CAF Grants Awarded 2019/20

CAF Grants Awarded 2020/21

Lancashire Reducing Reoffending Fund

Tackling crime and reoffending is a key priority in the Commissioner’s Police and Crime Plan and is part of the core business of Lancashire Police. The Commissioner recognises that the criminal justice system is about more than just punishing those who break the law but also providing the opportunities and support to ensure that they do not reoffend having been through the system.

Street Pastors, Street Angels & similar organisations

The Commissioner recognises the role of Street Pastors, Street Angels and other similar organisations in providing support for vulnerable people, especially in relation to the night time economy in Lancashire town centres. He also recognises the way that they work with the police, often helping to reduce demands on their time and freeing officers to deal with more serious issues, when policing town centres at night.

POCA Grants

The Commissioner’s POCA Grant opportunity attracted over 90 applications in 2015/16. Grants between £5,000 and £100,000 were awarded to groups across Lancashire for a wide range of projects ranging from support for victims of domestic abuse to sporting activities for young people. Find out the winning applicants here.

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