Grant Criteria

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The Fund will be available from Friday 18th October 2019 and will close at 5pm on Monday 18th November 2019


Whilst the funding must be fully allocated by 31st March 2020 applicants should consider how their proposals will contribute to the longer term need to develop programmes that support attitude and behaviour change and that look to address the underlying causes of violence both within individuals and in communities.

Where match or additional funding is available to extend the project beyond 31st March 2020 this should be included in the relevant section of the Application Form.

  • Primarily, but not exclusively, aimed at under 25 year olds.
  • Primarily aimed at preventing CYPs from becoming involved in the carrying, ownership or use of knives, but will also consider programmes that reduce the risk of CYPs being involved in all types of violence.

This may include programmes and projects that are targeted at some of the known causes of knife carrying and ownership.

  • Evidenced based, to show that the proposed project will be effective in engaging with CYPs (and/or adults and communities) and will be effective in driving a change in attitudes and behaviour.
  • Evidence to show the project will take a Trauma Informed approach in the way that programmes and projects are delivered.
  • Clearly defined measures and outcomes and agreed reporting timescales
  • Project capable of being delivered by 31st March 2020
  • Not used to fund permanent posts

Funding Applications and any supporting information should be submitted to the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner in the first instance. Applications will be reviewed by the Violence Reduction Unit Strategic Team and the Funding Oversight Group and final decisions on the application will be notified to applicants by Friday 3rd December 2019.

For an informal discussion prior to submitting an application please contact either:

Robert Ruston, Violence Reduction Unit Programme Manager –  M:07747 761853

Sue Clarke, Violence Reduction Unit Lead –

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