13th July 2018 News

Government priorities questioned as President Trump’s golf trip gets more money than Lancashire Police

Questioning the Government’s approach

The Commissioner has written to the Chief Secretary to the Treasury to ask that the same principle be applied to Lancashire Constabulary’s operation to police anti-fracking protests in the county.

Despite the costs of policing the protests at the fracking site on Preston New Road reaching £7m the Government has told police in Lancashire that they won’t make more than £1.4m available to help cover the operation.

The Commissioner said, “The Government’s priorities are all wrong, while it’s right they support Police Scotland during President Trump’s visit, it’s frustrating that they won’t ease the pressure on Lancashire Police. These are both national decisions impacting on overstretched police forces.

“The decision to allow fracking in Lancashire was one made in Westminster but it’s been local residents who have been left to foot the bill. For months I’ve been calling on the Government to support our police but they have only offered the minimum possible assistance.

“The people of Lancashire will rightly be left wondering why the rules can be bent for President Trump to visit his golf resort, but not for our police force.”

Despite repeated requests outlining the growing costs of the policing operation, which by the end of March 2018 will have reached close to £7 million, Lancashire has been handed just £1.4 million back from Government, the minimum allowed under Home Office rules.

Details on the policing operation at Preston New Road can be found on Lancashire Constabulary’s website – https://www.lancashire.police.uk/help-advice/safer-communities/fracking/

Read the Commissioner’s letter to Rt Hon Liz Truss is available here

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