Let’s spell it out – This. Is. Hate.

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Lancashire Victim Services campaign highlights hate crime support

Launching as part of this year’s Hate Crime Awareness Week, the ‘Let’s spell it out – This is hate’ campaign highlights hate crimes and incidents and raises awareness of how those affected can access help and support from Lancashire Victim Services (LVS).

The campaign, funded by Lancashire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, also highlights hateful behaviour with the aim of encouraging people to think about how their words and actions can affect others.

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What is hate crime?

Any crime or incident which you believe is happening because of race, ethnicity, religion or belief, gender identity, sexual orientation or disability is a hate crime. You could also be a victim of hate crime if you believe you are being targeted because the offender perceives you to be different in some way.

If you want to find out more about hate crime, the impact it has on victims and what you can do to help you find out more in the ‘Let’s spell it out – This. Is. Hate’ booklet.

Help and support

Anyone affected by hate crime can access support through Lancashire Victim Services.

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