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East Lancashire charity highlights reducing reoffending work as Commissioner gives almost £80k to more groups

30 January, 2020

Lancashire’s Police and Crime Commissioner has visited a project which is working to reduce reoffending in East Lancashire with support from his dedicated fund, as almost £80k has been awarded to further projects across the county.

Clive Grunshaw visited Maundy Relief in Accrington town centre to see their ‘Support for Offenders’ project and hear about how the funding is helping them divert offenders from a life of crime and ultimately keep people safe.

The project listens to offenders who take part and works with them, utilising a trauma informed approach and providing a supportive environment to start moving away from offending behaviour and the many factors that can cause people to reoffend and return into the criminal justice system.

Referrals will also be made to further support wherever it’s appropriate, for example to counselling, supported accommodation services, benefits advice, volunteering opportunities and life skills projects.

The Commissioner talked to the dedicated staff supporting people across all the work done through Maundy Relief, including offenders, and heard from service users about how they are being helped to stay away from a life of crime.

He said:

“It’s great to have the opportunity to visit the fantastic projects that my Reducing Reoffending Fund has supported. Just spending a relatively small amount of time here with the driven, dedicated people who make this vital community hub tick and the service users who receive support for a range of reasons, it’s clear to see the positive impact that they make in people’s lives.

“Policing alone cannot prevent people reoffending and that is why I continue to support initiatives that break the cycle offenders all too often find themselves trapped in. This funding is helping Maundy Relief build on the great service they already deliver and focus in on those who have offended in the past.

“It is another example of how by thinking differently and working in partnership with a number of community organisations, with relatively small investments, we are able to make a real impact by avoiding offenders returning through the criminal justice system, and make our communities safer places to live and work.”

Lucy Hardwick, Manager of Maundy Relief said:

“We are delighted and grateful to have been given this opportunity to enhance our support to people who want to turn their lives around following involvement with the criminal justice system.

“The project has got off to a great start and our ‘wrap around’ support model is working well.

“We are looking forward to working closely with the PCC as we develop our services in response to the needs of this group.”

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