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Crime Commissioner visits Rishton community garden following award

27 February, 2017

Lancashire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Clive Grunshaw, was joined by Hyndburn councillors and local residents to see the impact almost £2,500 of funding from his Community Action Fund has had.

Piggy Park Community Garden Association, based in Rishton received £2,424 over the past several months to build a fence around the area and a metal shed to safely store gardening equipment for young people and the community to use.

The site, previously affected by anti-social behaviour and fly-tipping, is now an attractive area for growing organic food and used as an environmental education space for children from local schools.

Mr Grunshaw said: “It is fantastic to see the impact that this funding has had for young people in this area. The local community are doing a fantastic job encouraging people to get involved and are also reducing incidents of anti-social behaviour, vandalism and theft.

“I am committed to working with residents in Hyndburn and other community groups to support them in keeping their local area safe and reducing crime. This is what my Community Action Fund is all about, providing small grants to assist groups in tackling any local concerns.”

Speaking of the ex-Hyndburn Council recreational ground, Councillor Clare Cleary, said: “We are extremely grateful to Mr Grunshaw.

“It is great that he has given the project some money and the whole community can now see the benefits. You don’t get fly tipping and vandalism is none existent now that the fence has gone up. I am really looking forward to summer time so that we can get lots of gardening done.”

The area was previously subject to a high level of dog-fouling and there was also some break-ins – targeting the garages of residents which back onto the site. Bikes, tools and other personal possessions were taken.

Councillor Jeff Scales, who applied for the funding said: “This is a fantastic fund to enable us make our community a safer place.

“Fundamentally this project is about preventing break ins and theft on the site – acquisitive crime. We therefore hope that over the next year that we are able to avoid any break-ins and thefts as a result of this investment.”

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