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Commissioner’s Social Value Policy sees police invest more in local economy

7 September, 2018

The amount of money spent by Lancashire Constabulary in the county has increased by over 10% in the last year to almost £36m, since the Lancashire Police and Crime Commissioner’s Social Value Policy was brought in 12 months ago, benefitting the local economy.

Almost 57% of all money spent through the procurement process was spent in Lancashire, an increase of 11%, while the local spend in the North West region is up from 60% in 2016/17 to 71% in 2017/18.

The Social Value Policy was brought in by the Commissioner’s office with support from Lancashire Constabulary to ensure that all procurement and commissioning activity maximises social, economic and environmental benefit while also delivering value for money.

Much of this increase is due to the building of the new West Division Headquarters, which has seen businesses in Lancashire involved in the project, creating jobs and apprenticeships in the local area.

But the social value policy has an impact on all contracts of a range of value, ensuring that the procurement process takes into account elements of social value such as location, whether an organisation pays the real Living Wage and whether the contract will create or sustain jobs and apprenticeships in the county.

Lancashire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Clive Grunshaw, said:

“This is real evidence of the positive impact that my Social Value policy is having, maximising benefit for Lancashire wherever we invest or procure goods and services whilst delivering the best possible value.

“Creating safe and confident communities is one of the priorities in my Police and Crime Plan and investing responsibly is a key part of that.

“From the West Division Headquarters new build through all of our procurement at every value, I’m really pleased that my office and Lancashire Constabulary are playing such a key role, providing opportunities for local people.”

Craig Veevers, whose farm supplies the hay and haylage for the horses at Lancashire Constabulary Mounted Division, said: “I’m really proud to have this contract with Lancashire Constabulary, as a local businesses based just a couple of miles away.

“Focusing on locally produced goods where possible is a great thing for the community and it seems to work really well for us both”.

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