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Commissioner welcomes another good report from inspectors

8 December, 2016

Lancashire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Clive Grunshaw, has welcomed comments from independent inspectors who have reported today that Lancashire Constabulary are good at the way it engages with the public and treats people fairly.

HM Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) rated Lancashire Constabulary as ‘good’ in its latest report into police legitimacy as they found that “The constabulary treats those it serves with fairness and respect.” Inspectors praised the way police in Lancashire interact with members of the public, handle complaint and look after the well-being of officers. However, concerns were raised at the national level about the potential for officers to abuse their positions of power.

HM Inspector of Constabulary Mike Cunningham said: “Following our inspection, I have judged Lancashire Constabulary as ‘good’ at how legitimately it keeps people safe and reduces crime. We found that staff understand the importance of treating the public fairly and respectfully, which is important in providing an effective service. We also found evidence that the constabulary is acting on feedback from the public in how it trains staff to provide services, such as in the use of stop and search powers.

“I was pleased to find that the constabulary has a number of ways to promote the lawful and ethical behaviour of its officers and staff, however there is room for improvement in how the force communicates these expectations more widely. The constabulary recognises abuse of authority for sexual gain as serious corruption and deals with it accordingly.

“Staff wellbeing is a priority for the constabulary, and employees are treated fairly and with respect. While there are performance monitoring arrangements in place for staff, there is scope to improve the process to ensure everyone receives a performance discussion with their line manager.”

Responding to HMIC’s report the Commissioner said, “Once again Lancashire Police have received a positive report from independent inspectors who have praised the force for the way they treat the public and deal with complaints. The report showed that Lancashire are above the national average in terms of victim satisfaction, showing that people who have needed the police have been happy with the service they received. The fact that Lancashire receive fewer complaints against officers than the national average also shows the good work that’s being done day in day out.

Lancaster_cropped-3“As well as looking out for the public, the report shows that staff well-being is a clear priority for the force with the investment in wellbeing and commitment to understanding staff needs being recognised.”

“Nationally, HMIC raised concerns about abuses of powers by officers. This is taken very seriously by Lancashire Constabulary and I can re-assure people and officers that if these sorts of complaints are made they are thoroughly investigated and action taken where required. Once again I think the public of Lancashire can have confidence in our police force and the service they provide. I am confident that the Constabulary investigate and deal with these issues well but I will continue to keep this under close scrutiny.”

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