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Commissioner visits local investigation hub

5 December, 2018

Lancashire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Clive Grunshaw has visited one of the county’s local investigation hubs to see first-hand the different roles within local policing teams in tackling crime and keeping people safe.

Specialist detectives and staff work out of three hubs across the county, investigating serious crimes that impact on the most vulnerable people, safeguarding victims and targeting offenders intent on causing most harm.

Clive Grunshaw, Lancashire’s Police and Crime Commissioner said:

“The public have told me through surveys and meetings, that they want Lancashire Police to answer the phone quicker, respond more effectively and target offenders causing the most concern to local neighbourhoods. They also want us to protect the most vulnerable in our county – children at risk of exploitation and adults subject to emerging threats like modern slavery. I have listened to all of this feedback and as a result, have investing money into all of these areas.

“Visiting the investigation hub at Preston Police Station was a really good opportunity to see the work being done here and in similar teams across Lancashire, working tirelessly alongside response and neighbourhood teams on a range of incidents from assaults to sexual assaults and drug related offences to keep people safe and tackle those who commit crime in the county.

“Even in the relatively short time I spent with the investigation, child protection and intelligence teams within the hub, the crucial work they are doing to protect vulnerable people and catch criminals was clear to see. It was also interesting to gain an insight into how each team interacts and supports the work of each other, all in support of our communities.

“Changing and increasing demand means that local policing is made up of far more than just neighbourhood policing. With ever reducing resources from Government, officers are needed to do different roles so they can be there when the public really need them, dealing with increasingly complex issues such as cybercrime, child and adult exploitation and online abuse.”

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