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Commissioner secures living wage accreditation

14 August, 2014

EMPLOYEES have been promised a fair deal from Lancashire’s Police and Crime Commissioner after he secured accreditation from the Living Wage Foundation.

The commitment from Clive Grunshaw means all staff employed in both his office and by Lancashire Constabulary will be guaranteed at least the living wage, which at £7.65 an hour is currently £1.34 higher than national minimum wage.

The Commissioner said: “I’m delighted to have secured this accreditation from the Living Wage Foundation.

“This commitment to the Living Wage is not merely symbolic, and I wholeheartedly believe it is vitally important for the county as a whole that employees in Lancashire are paid a wage that accurately reflects the true cost of living.

“Both my office and the Constabulary are committed to ensuring that when we enter into agreements with partners, agencies and contractors, all staff working for us as a result are paid the living wage.

“I know there are many organisations across Lancashire which have already embraced this commitment and I now call on all employers – particularly those in the public sector – to seriously consider following in our footsteps and signing up for the Living Wage.

“It is a commitment which can make a real difference to people’s lives.”

The Living Wage is an hourly rate set independently by the Living Wage Foundation and updated annually.

The Living Wage is calculated according to the basic cost of living using the ‘Minimum Income Standard’ for the UK.

Decisions about what to include in this standard are set by the public – it is a social consensus about what people need to make ends meet.

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