4th December 2017 News

Commissioner leads training of White Ribbon Ambassadors

Action against domestic abuse

As part of 16 days of action against domestic abuse and Lancashire’s commitment as the first White Ribbon County, the Commissioner’s office arranged dedicated training for the Ambassadors to explore ways they could help tackle domestic abuse as male role models.

Taking in representatives from the Commissioner’s Office, the County Council, Unitary and Borough authorities alongside the Council for Voluntary Services and health bodies, the workshop looked at efforts already being taken to highlight the issue and what other actions Ambassadors could take.

Between April 2016 and March 2017, there were 25,383 domestic abuse incidents and 10,629 domestic abuse crimes reported to the police in Lancashire.

Speaking at the training session, Mr Grunshaw said: “My office has held White Ribbon status since April 2015, so seeing Lancashire become the first White Ribbon County this year has been an important achievement. There’s a lot of original and inspiring work already happening around the county and some fantastic suggestions coming out of the workshop so I can’t wait to see where the campaign goes from here.

Clive Grunshaw and White Ribbon UK founder Chris Green OBE

“With thousands of incidents of domestic abuse across our County, we need to send the message we will not tolerate it. Tackling domestic abuse falls squarely under my Police and Crime Plan, so being able to deliver training to so many people from right across Lancashire, and from such a wide variety of organisations, shows we do not take this issue lightly.”

Founder of White Ribbon UK, Chris Green OBE, said: “We are delighted to be training 40 Ambassadors from Lancashire. Men who are speaking out about violence against women and challenging any parts of a culture which excuse abuse.

“We look forward to supporting them as they expand the campaign even wider to organisations and communities- asking other men to swear the pledge, wear the ribbon and share the message that we will challenge any behaviour that is not respectful. A better world is possible.”

The White Ribbon Campaign is part of a global movement to put a stop to male violence against women and girls. Rejecting the idea that this is a women’s only issue, the campaign recognises the role men and boys play in creating a culture where abuse and harassment against women and girls is unacceptable.

More information on White Ribbon UK can be found here.

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