4th February 2022

Commissioner joins drugs raids as officers take fight to crime in Fleetwood and Wyre

Andrew spent time with the team at Fleetwood Police Station, before joining officers raising two properties which led to several arrests and the seizure of drugs and weapons.

He talked to officers from Neighbourhood team and Response, alongside police staff about the priorities in his Police and Crime Plan, supporting the Chief Constable in taking the fight to criminals and keeping people safe.

The Commissioner said:

“Since launching my Police and Crime Plan, I’ve been keen to continue my commitment to get out with officers and learn more about how as Commissioner I can support them in getting tough on criminals. Operations like this one with intelligence led action carried out by experienced and dedicated officers, are a key part of what I want to see as I lead the fight against crime.

“With additional officers being recruited through the Government uplift and investment to ensure each area has dedicated, strengthened neighbourhood and response teams, the public will be seeing an increasingly proactive approach to tackling offenders throughout the life of my Plan.

“Here in Wyre, just like across the rest of Lancashire, the overwhelming majority of people want their police force to help deliver safer communities and get criminals off the streets. This tough, no nonsense approach will see officers back at the heart of the communities they serve.

“The drive and determination from officers is clear everywhere I go in the force and I will do whatever I can to ensure they have the resources to get tough on crime and address the issues that matter to people such as anti-social behaviour, criminal gangs and serious violence.”

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