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Commissioner hails common sense decision to freeze police budgets after cut the cuts campaign

25 November, 2015

Lancashire’s Police and Crime Commissioner Clive Grunshaw has welcomed the Government’s decision to freeze police budgets as part of the Comprehensive Spending Review labelling the decision a victory for common sense reached partly as a result of the campaign mounted by Lancashire people to cut the cuts.

The Commissioner mounted his cut the cuts campaign on the back of predictions that Lancashire would be one of the hardest hit as a result of the funding review.

He said: “Together local residents, our officers, staff and local politicians stood up and we said we could not take any more cuts and now it appears the Government has listened to the case we put forward.

“First they had to halt the funding formula review after I and other Commissioners raised issues with their basic maths and now they have conceded and agreed with our argument that now is not the time to cut our police.

“It is a great victory for my campaign, for the Lancashire people and a victory for common sense. I wrote to the Home Secretary and the Prime Minister this week, spelling out exactly that police budgets should not take any more cuts, particularly in the light of the recent terrorist attacks. It seems they have listened and put public safety ahead of spending cuts.”

But the Commissioner warned that because the budgets were protected we wouldn’t see an increase in services and it wasn’t the end of austerity. He said: “We haven’t seen the end of the assault on Police budgets by any means, but we have a reprieve.

“There is no doubt that the funding review will come back soon, but we will again put forward a strong case for Lancashire and for policing as a whole.

“Lancashire Constabulary has seen a reduction of 700 police officer roles and 500 police staff since austerity began and services are stretched, but what we can look at now is sustaining services, improving our collaboration opportunities and introducing the technology we leave to drive improvements.”

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